The House That Jack Built

This is a rescue story about a semi-feral puppy, Jack. It is also a story about little things accumulated, and the building of our pack. A few months ago, I watched a documentary, Dog Man, about Dick Russell, a dog trainer from Louisiana. This man made a huge contribution to the dog training field inContinue reading “The House That Jack Built”

Love Letter to a Death Row Dog

This is Harley’s story. At first, I didn’t realize he was so underweight. At 40 lbs, he looked okay, if a little thin, but definitely in much better shape than others we have taken in. His head was huge. Still is. He’s approaching 50 lbs now, and I’ve realized he just has a massive skull.Continue reading “Love Letter to a Death Row Dog”

Fear, hope, and tennis balls

This is a reflective essay about Nellybelle (aka Nellybelly), a Staffordshire Terrier mix we rescued in June 2019. Not knowing an animal’s history is one of the biggest challenges we face in rescue work. But we must cultivate an eye for positive change, and keep hope alive, especially for the animals who are reactive, fearful,Continue reading “Fear, hope, and tennis balls”